8 Series Alarms Frequently Asked Questions

The following are a list of frequently asked questions that pertain to the Gorilla Cycle Alarm.

If you don't see an answer to your question contact tech support at (323) 585-2852 or Jon@Gorilla-Auto.com

Q: Do you make an alarm for my bike?

A: Yes! Our Gorilla Alarms are easy to install, direct to battery alarms that will work on any Sport bike, Cruiser, Dual Sport or Scooter. As long as your bike has a 12 volt battery and space inside of the bike for the alarm (which is 3.5”x3”x1.75”) it will work. We even have customers that have installed our alarms on ATVs!

Q: Where should I install my alarm?

A: This is where you get to be a little creative. We recommend installing the alarm in one of four places: The tail section/trunk, under the seat, behind the side covers, or within the front fairings.

We do NOT recommend mounting the alarm on the exterior of the bike as this leaves the alarm vulnerable to damage and easy to disable.

If you are having difficulties finding a place to install your alarm contact us: (323) 585-2852

Q: I’ve installed my alarm per instructions…but it isn’t working.

A: When first connected to power you have 10 seconds to program your remotes to the alarm. If you did not program them during that time, follow these steps:

  • Have your remote(s) ready.
  • Disconnect the white harness plug on the alarm or negative lead to the alarm.
  • Reconnect the harness plug or negative lead, and then press the ‘LOCK’ button on your remote within 10 seconds. You should hear one chirp from the alarm.
  • Press the LOCK button on the next remote within 5 seconds of programming the first. You should hear 2 chirps for your second remote, 3 chirps for your third. The alarm can learn up to 3 remotes.
  • Wait 10-seconds for the alarm to leave the programming mode.
  • Press the lock button to arm the alarm. Your alarm will chirp once and the LED will flash to show it is armed and ready to use.

Q: How do I set the Sensitivity on the Shock Sensor?

A: Follow these steps:

  • Within 5-seconds of disarming alarm, press & hold the ‘F’ button for 3 seconds. You will hear a beep.
  • Then press the UNLOCK button to scroll through 7 sensitivity levels. The levels are tones from high to low. The chirp sound means the shock sensor is de-activated.
  • You can test the sensitivity of each level in this mode. The alarm will chirp when you tap the bike hard enough to trigger the alarm.
  • When you have selected the proper level, press and hold the ‘F’ button until the alarm beeps twice.

Q: I shut the Shock Sensor off. How do I re-activate it?

A: If you have de-activated the shock sensor by pressing the LOCK button 3 times it will only be disabled until you disarm the alarm that time. Once you arm the alarm after that the shock sensor will be active again.

Q: My Tilt Sensor is not working. What’s wrong?

A: The Tilt Sensor is a mercury switch. When your cycle is resting on the side-stand, the liquid mercury inside the tilt sensor should be away from the wire-end.

When the cycle is lifted off of the side-stand, the mercury will flow to the wire-end side of the sensor and trigger the alarm.

If your siren does not activate, make sure the wire-end is pointing to the right side (throttle side) of the cycle, and adjust the angle of the tilt sensor so the wire-end is pointing down when the cycle is lifted off of the side stand to the upright position.

Q: I was able to program my 3-button remote, but not my 2-way pager. The display is working but it won’t program with the alarm. What’s wrong?

A: Our 2-way pager remote has a “button lock” feature. If you are experiencing this problem make sure your display doesn’t show a “key” logo in the bottom right of the display. If it does, follow these steps:

  • Press the orange SET button on the side of the pager once.
  • Within 2 seconds press and hold the lock button for 3 seconds. The “key” logo should disappear.

If you would like to lock the buttons later, the steps are the same.

Q: The picture on the box shows a Key Chain feature on the 2-way pager remote…Why doesn’t mine have one?

A: We discontinued the Key Chain Feature after some LCD screens were damaged due to impact and vibration. In its place we have installed a clasp that can be attached to a belt loop. We do not recommend having your 2-way pager attached to your motorcycle key.

Q: I’ve lost my remote. How can I order a replacement?

A: Call us at (323) 585-2852 to order replacement remotes. We will need to know your alarm model and if you need a 3-button or 2-way pager remote.